Quick PSE tutorial: resizing my bottle caps for a circle punch

I've had quite a few people purchase my Retro Bottle Caps, and as I was printing them out for a layout I'll share next week, I thought I should share a little tip.

The bottle caps are quite large when you open them up. They're supposed to be, so you can use them in 12x12 digital layouts if you like.

If you're not using them directly on photos, you can resize them, print them and cut them out. Or, as I prefer to do, punch them with a circle punch. Here's how to get the perfect sized printout.

It happens I have a 1.25" circle punch (as well as a 2" and a 2.25" - really I think anything 3" and under could work for Project Life), and so I wanted to resize them so they'd fit my punch exactly.

Open up Photoshop Elements (or Photoshop, or possibly another editing software, I am not familiar with anything but PSE at the moment). Open up the bottle cap you want to print out, and then open up a new document with the exact dimension of your punch:

Next, drag your bottle cap onto the new document. It'll be larger than the new document layer, but this is ok. You should see both layers in the layers palette.

Hit command T (on a Mac, I believe it's control T for a PC?) to resize the bottle cap layer. In my version of PSE (9) you don't need to hold the shift to maintain proportion. You may need to hold shift in your version, best to do a google search (or trial and error) if you're not sure.

Once you've resized the layer, your bottle cap will fit your blank document:

You can now flatten this and save it, or drag it onto a blank file with other bottle caps (letter/legal sized) to print multiple caps at once.

Print it at 100% and it'll fit your punch! :)

Hope this helps some of you! :)

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