New-to-me Project Life storage

Check out my 33 cent flea market purchase :)

I had 6 partial Project Life kits, all taking up so much space:

Today at the flea market, I found this slotted wooden storage box (I think it was for cassette tapes). Mixed in with a bunch of other items, it worked out to cost me 33 cents.



MUCH less space, and all nice and neat. :)


  1. This looks so awesome, like it was meant to be for this exact purpose. Very cool!

  2. What an awesome find!! /little bit envious:)

  3. I see these at Goodwill all the time and wish I could think of some way to use one. Now you have found it for me. Of course it will probably be months before I see another one to buy LOL. Thanks for the great idea.