Evidence that I am CHEAP.

A few weeks ago, I spotted this dress over on What I Wore. (I frequent this blog, but I'm not in love with it. I do like some of her outfits though).

I loved that dress immediately. I like how relaxed and comfy it looked, and I thought I could rock a dress like that.

Here's the real dress. Unfortunately, it is sold out. After much Googling, where I spotted dresses that I didn't love and were out of my current price range, I found this Old Navy version that I liked even better than the original.

Add in a 20% off coupon code Old Navy promoted, and I scored the dress for $34.95 including shipping. I ordered according to the size guide, and it fits perfectly, however, my mom needed to add two buttons to the chest area. If you have any sort of chest, you'll need to add buttons. There are only two in the top portion of the dress and the fabric pulls. 

I'm wearing it today and totally in love with it. Here are some pretty crappy iPhone shots:

By the way, the best part about this one? It has pockets! :) LOVE that! :)

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