Austin at 16 months...

Someone help me.

My baby has gone from this:

To this:

And I don't know when it happened!

Seriously though, it amazes me that in what feels like such a short time, that little 7 pound, 15 ounce baby has become a running, talking, energetic boy.

Because he's changing so fast, I just wanted to write down what he's like right now. What he can do. What he likes. Sometimes I think back to when he started doing something and I can't quite remember (even though I probably have this written down somewhere in my Project Life album or in an email). Feel free to skip this post if you don't want to read as I gush about my kid. :)

Today, I teared up at daycare. I stopped by the monitor that shows the action in all of the rooms on my way out. I watched as the teacher showed Austin what morning snack was. And I watched as he ran across the room to the table, pulled out the chair, sat down, and tucked himself in, ready to eat. When did he learn this?! (The answer is probably weeks/months ago - since the kids all eat around the table, but I'm not there to witness it). That he knew to pull it out, sit down, and push himself in is just, WOAH, to me.

It feels like he's learning so much so fast right now I can't even keep track. Here's a list of what I have seen/heard:

Talking: Words that I know he can say: Uh Oh, Mama, Mommy, Dada, Daddy, Mammy (Grammy), Kitty, Doggy, Bath (he actually asks for his bath now), Clock, Guck (Truck), Oh Wow, That Door (clear as day, he says "that door" over and over again while pointing to doors), Oh (for Cheerios), Z O O (he spells out zoo, but I know he doesn't know what a zoo is, but my mom taught him Z O O from a book).

Here he is doing the "That Door." Sorry it's sideways:

He has been walking since just after 13 months, and he is off and running now. Sometimes I really have to chase him.

He can build with blocks:

This morning he insisted on wearing a specific pair of shoes. I had his sandals on him, and he came across his gray ones and handed them to me. When I tried to put them aside, he took them, sat down, started taking off his sandal and put the gray shoes up to his feet. So of course we swapped to the gray shoes.

He recognizes letters. I don't know if daycare is doing letters yet, but he has been watching Super Why since he was a few months old, and he loves that show. He even talks back when they ask questions. They're always showing and sounding out letters, so I think that's where he's picking it up from. Yesterday I handed him this alphabet keyboard sound game he has, and he said "O" and hit the O. Then he said "I" and hit the I, and then "D" and hit the D.

He can eat perfectly with a spoon:

He's figuring out shapes:

He loves to curl up in Daddy's lap while he's playing. Brad will sit cross legged and he'll step in and sit down. Only for a few seconds unless he's really tired, but it's so cute.

He asks for naps (and baths, as I mentioned). When he's tired, he points to the stairs and I let him walk up himself (he's been climbing stairs for months now, too). He will grab his blanky and his binky (which we're planning to take away after our Disney trip - I want him to have it for the flight) and snuggle down for a nap. Yesterday he came into my mom's house in the morning after a short nap at my house, and ran right past her to his pack and play and pulled on the sides so we would put him in it.

He has a photo album and he knows who everyone is inside. I'll ask him to go find Grammy and he'll find his photo album, wherever he last left it, and open it up to her picture and point to it.

I've taught him to hand me my towel after I get out of the shower. I only had to ask him once, and now he does it consistently. I taught him "clock" yesterday with my alarm clock. My mom has an old fashioned round clock he's known as clock for awhile now, but yesterday I pointed to my alarm clock and said clock. He pointed a few times and I repeated it. Today I was across the room and said to him, simply, "Where's the clock?" and he ran right over to it and pointed. 

He just seems to take everything in and remember it. Most things you only have to show him once and he remembers what it is the next day. He doesn't say everything, but you ask where something is and he points to it. Sometimes I don't even know where he picked up the word. I can say "eat with your spoon" and he picks up the spoon and eats with it. (In fact, now he actually looks for his spoon when eating). Or, "find your ball" and he'll go into a cabinet and find that ball. Mom said one day she told him, one time each, to get four specific colored balls, and he got every one of them correctly, without her repeating herself. She thinks he knows his colors, I think he just associates the word with what that ball looks like. Either way, it's amazing to see.

Oh! He has 6 full teeth (four top front, two bottom front), and a half a molar, plus another molar on it's way in. I think he got started late with teeth though, does anyone know what's normal? I thought I've seen babies with more teeth than he has at this age, but I can't remember for sure.

He LOVES to eat. (But he's pretty skinny, and his weight is only around the 35th percentile). Bananas and goldfish are his absolute favorites, but he also loves pasta and anything with barbeque sauce or ketchup on it. He loves most foods, and daycare says he never leaves anything and sometimes tries to swipe other kids' food. Since he was little I've tried to subject him to everything and anything, and he's developed quite a palette. He loves spice and flavor. I gave him Frank's Red Hot on his french fries once and he couldn't get enough of it. We've always spiced up our porkchops and he devours them. He likes hamburger and apple sauce and yogurt, so much yogurt. He loves water, milk, and juice, pretty much any beverage. It took him a long time to drink out of a sippy, and now he does it for every beverage except he still requires a morning bottle in his crib. I can't shake him of that one just yet but I don't mind. He enjoys it and I like making him happy. 

Brad wants to cut his hair soon. I'm not ready yet. He's got these incredible baby curls at the ends and I just can't bear to lose them. :( But his hair is getting a little unruly and someone has mistaken him for a girl so it's probably time to do it. Breaks my heart.

I'm happy and sad at the same time. It's awesome watching him learn but it's sad knowing the days of having a sweet baby curled up in my arms are long gone.


  1. This post seriously made me want to cry. He really HAS grown a lot, hasn't he! I remember your pregnancy and everything, and to see what an independent, intelligent, and handsome young boy he's turned into is just...

    Okay, there go the tears. :)


    1. Oh I know! You were there for the whole, miserable, pregnant mess :) It is nuts!

  2. Dammnit, now you made me cry. :-) I can't believe he's so independent - it just feels like you had him yesterday!