Anyone looking for Project Life stickers?

UPDATED: All sets have been claimed. Thanks everyone for taking these off my hands and sending them to good homes! :)

Alright folks, I know the core kits no longer come with stickers, and I have a TON of extras. And I know there are some people who use the stickers quite often and might need some. So here's the deal. Please read carefully:

Update: One of the clementine editions was "sold." I'm updating this post as sets are chosen. Also I'll be going to bed shortly and will respond, in order, to any requests received overnight in the morning. :) Sorry, I know this is a little crazy, but if I listed these on Etsy, Etsy would charge me fees and since I'm not making any profit on these, that was just dumb. As it is, I am paying some very small fees on the Paypal transaction. 

Morning update: One Cobalt is "sold." Turquoise and Clementine have been requested, working through a couple of emails with people who've asked for those, so those are for all intents and purposes, "sold". The other cobalt may be gone as well, but that one's not certain. Amber is definitely still available.

I have 6 sets of stickers to give away for the cost of shipping/packaging ($2.14 per set). Only one set per person, so that 6 people have the opportunity to get them. (Edit: Seriously, guys, one per person. It's not fair for one person to buy them all - I'd like to make 6 people happy, not just one).

Here is what I have:

ONE Turquoise edition:
5 sheets each of the colored days of the week, colored numbers, clear days and clear numbers, and one sheet of yellow arrows

ONE Amber edition:
4 sheets each of the colored numbers and clear numbers, 4 clear days of the week and 3 colored days of the week, and 4 sheets of the beige arrows

TWO ONE Clementine editions, each contains the following:
6 clear numbers, 5 color numbers, 5 clear days of the week, 4 colored days of the week, and 3 orange arrow sheets

TWO ONE Cobalt editions, each contains the following:
6 clear days of the week, 4 colored days of the week, 4 clear and 4 color numbers, and 3 sheets of the mixed arrows

Email me at with which set you'd like, and your paypal email address. I will send you a payment request for the $2.14. Note: This is open to US residents only.

First come, first served. I will respond in order - you will have 24 hours to make payment before I move on to the next in line. I will ship next day.

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  1. this is a fantastic deal! I sent you an email! thanks so much!