Product Review: Mixbook

I recently got a chance to try out to make a photobook for Austin's first year. I'd had this on my to do list for months now, so it was great to finally get down to doing it.

I have to say, I loved using Mixbook. I found their photobook editor extremely user friendly. One thing I have trouble with on Shutterfly (I don't know if there is no way to do it, or I just can't figure it out) is adding extra photos to an idea page. I can delete photo spots but can't seem to add them. This process was super easy with Mixbook. I ended up choosing the Baby Magazine theme, and it consisted of collage style layouts and spreads. I could add photos, adjust sizing, change the borders, pretty much anything I wanted to do with the photos, super easily.

I found the quality of the pages to be similar to Shutterfly. (I have a previous soft cover photo book from Shutterfly and the pages are similar). The print quality is nice, and I love the hard cover.

I love all the little sticker embellishments they have. I know Shutterfly has a large collection as well, so I really can't choose one over the other, but the ones that Mixbook had were adorable. 

One thing I really liked was with the stickers above. I created one in the beginning of the album that said "Your First Month" and was able to just copy and paste them and then change the text to each spread. This meant every circle was a consistent size. 

As I noted above, I loved being able to just drop extra pictures onto a page. I added the one of Austin in the Bruins shirt right over the existing collage photos. 

How cute is the back cover? Totally love this.

I found their prices to be reasonable as well. This 11x8.5" landscape hardcover costs $29.99 for 20 pages.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the ease of use and quality of my Mixbook, and I'm sure I'll be ordering more.

Disclosure: I was provided with a product by Mixbook in exchange for a review. The words, photos, and thoughts here are completely my own.

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  1. So nice to have a book, that the kids can look at! I so need to print my photos or make a book.