Photo Dump: Canobie, Winnipesaukee, Play Date

Just finished editing up a bunch of pictures I took a few weeks ago.

First up, Father's Day at Canobie Lake Park in NH. Just a couple of photos of Austin's first solo amusement park ride:

He had a blast. We took him on four rides that day (we only had a few hours to spend at the park) and he really loved them all. He would look all intense during the ride, concentrating on seeing everything, but as soon as it would stop he'd look at me with the biggest smile, so happy!

Next, we headed to my mom's cottage up at Lake Winnipesaukee for a day. Here's a ton of photos:

Love this photo. One of my very favorites I've ever taken of Austin, and I'm pretty sure I'll be printing it to put up on my wall.

We pulled out his bubble machine that he got for his birthday. And then I proceeded to take a million pictures.

Here's where I realized that he was sucking on his binky and his shirt was all wonky. I had Brad fix it and kept snapping pics.

I once mentioned on here that I have a habit of taking too many photos. I just snap, snap, snap, many shots of the same thing, to make sure I get a perfect one. The problem is, I never delete the "not perfect" ones. You can see in the collage above, which is only four of eight in a series, that I go a bit overboard :)

Brad took Austin out to the dock. It was still too cold for swimming.

My boys :)

He wanted to get at the stuff on the table quite badly. This picture cracks me up!

Showing Grammy the way to the dock.

This was hilarious. Kelley brought some gingerbread man cookies to us, and she handed one to Austin. He ran off to the corner to eat it, almost like he was concerned someone would take it away. I have no clue where he learned that from, but I laughed so hard.

"I'll have another one, please!"

In the afternoon it finally warmed up enough to hit the water.

The water was actually warmer than the air. Austin stayed in for just a couple of minutes but he quickly got chilly so my mom swooped him up and wrapped him in towels and blankets. We changed him into this adorable Hawaiian outfit my uncle had bought him on his recent trip to Hawaii. So cute!

And finally, a few pictures from a recent playdate with the Castners.

This little guy makes me laugh. He is so aware of the camera and really doesn't care to have his picture taken. He spotted me and gave me The Look.


  1. I want to say "THIS PHOTO IS MY FAVORITE" but the truth is, I love nearly every single one of them. :-) You are SUCH a talented photographer, Melissa!