CoffeeShop Blog Storybook Vintage Action vs. Picfx Vintage Film

A few weeks ago, while we were up at my mom's cottage, I took a photo of Austin on my DSLR that I just had to share right away. This is the original photo, straight out of the camera (except for the watermarking):

I purchased a wireless memory card for my camera a few weeks ago, so I was able to transfer the photo right to my iPhone without being in a wifi area.

To share it, I really wanted to Instagram it, but Instagram didn't have a filter that I thought looked good. So, I added a filter to the picture in the Picfx app on my iPhone. It crops the image square (perfect for Instagram sharing). I used the Vintage Film filter from the Vintage set.

This came out gorgeous, and I was immediately in love with this picture.

Later, I wanted to recreate this look, but in a 4x6 photo so it would work in my Project Life album. I decided to test out a free action for Photoshop Elements that I'd downloaded awhile back from The CoffeeShop Blog, Storybook Vintage.

Perfect! Looks just like the Picfx filter, simply by adjusting the color tint and vignette layers to my liking.

Here's a comparison:

The biggest difference I notice is the vignette. On the Picfx filter, it's rounded, and a little darker. I've adjusted mine on my photo (which is in a rectangular shape) to be a little lighter, and more feathered. But I love them both.

Just wanted to share with all of you how similar I found these two!

A little before and after:

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  1. I love coffeeshopblog. But loved your review and the differences you have showed in the pictures. Awesome.