This guy is 15 months old today

Fifteen months. I say this every time we hit a new milestone, but I cannot believe how fast the time is going by. I still remember giving birth to him like it was yesterday. I just want time to slow down now. I have lots of things going on, lots of things I want to do, and I never feel like I have enough time with him. I used to think I'd never want to be a stay at home mom, that I'd need to get out and have that social interaction with adults. But I envy those that are lucky enough to be at home with their children at times. It's hard work, but you don't miss them growing up. 

My mom gets to see him all day, and gets to see all the new stuff he's learning, and I am lucky to get a couple of hours during the weekdays with him. A little in the morning, a little at night, and then it's bed time. It's sad. This is why I try hard to spend most of my time with him on the weekends.

This little guy is walking all over the place. At times, he's even running to where he wants to go. It's hilarious, and scary, and amazing all at the same time, to look over in the living room and see him speeding by with a toy on his way to wherever he wants to go. He loves picking things up and moving them to different places. Back and forth all day long. He is obsessed with ceiling fans (so much so he'll burst into tears if you don't turn it on for him).

He's only got a few "words" - Mama, Dada, Uh Oh, and Kitty are the regular ones. He just started saying a version of "Grammy" (more like "mammy"). His voice is so cute, I can't get over it. I love when he is just in the room, playing, and babbling away to himself. It's so funny. 

He "gives love" to things - his stuffed animals, his blanky, the kitty cat, me. He goes "eeeeeeee" and presses his forehead up against whatever it is. He loves the water. His bathtime is his favorite time. He can climb the stairs, so at night he'll climb the whole staircase and run right into the bathroom for his bath. He'll reach out and feel the water as his tub is filling up, and he'll toss his toys around and splash and splash. 

I just...there really aren't words to describe how much love I have for him. As every mom will tell you, as every mom told me, the love you have for your own child is just overwhelming. I watch him sleep, and sometimes I get teary eyed, emotional with the love I have in my heart for him. He's perfect, in every single way possible, and the idea of something taking him away from me sometimes chokes me up. 

Happy 15 months, my beautiful little lovebug. :)

By the way, something I learned yesterday? If anyone is sad that Picnik is gone, there's an identical site out there called Ribbet. It was built on the same platform as Picnik, and right now, you can use all the premium features for free. Seriously, it's exactly like Picnik. I used it to quickly edit the photos above today.


  1. I can't even take this. I can't!

    He is growing so fast, and it seems like he was just in your belly... making you miserable! :-)
    I'm glad he's out and about now.. but geez louise, why is he SO BIG?! :-)

    He is so freakin' beautiful, and so sweet and smart! It is exciting, watching him grow and learn but it would be nice if it could maybe go in slow motion :-)

  2. Congratulations ... every milestone counts! Many blessings upon your little one and your family :)