A Day in Ogunquit

This past Saturday we headed up to Ogunquit, ME for the day. The weather was perfect for the beach, and we had a great time.

We arrived about 11am - perfect timing with the tides, because there was a large shallow tidal pool Austin could play in without us worrying about him going under water. Here's the beach as we arrived:

You can see the tidal pool up near the start of the beach.

Here's what the beach looked like when we finally left, around 4pm:

Totally covered! :)

We set our stuff down on the beach and headed toward that tidal pool.

For maybe two minutes, Austin sat and splashed in the water:

Austin couldn't walk the last time he was at the beach with us, back in Rockport. This time, he wasn't satisfied sitting down. He wanted to walk all through the pool of water and around the beach.

At one point I bent over to pick up a shell to give to Austin, and found this little guy hiding underneath!

Brad actually took the camera and grabbed a few shots of me with Austin. It's nice to be in the photos once in awhile and not just behind the lens.

After Austin had worn himself out (which he let us know by sitting down in the water and refusing to move or play with any toys), we went back to the towels and gave him a snack and some water and juice. After that he perked up and played with his toys a bit:

We went to a little cafe for lunch (I had a lazyman's lobster and it was amaaaaazing), and then headed over Marginal Way to walk it off.

This shot was taken with my iPhone

Austin fell asleep pretty quickly into the walk:

After we finished up in Ogunquit, we headed home, stopping in York to see the Nubble lighthouse:

It was a wonderful day. We all were exhausted when we got home, and promptly got ourselves into bed and relaxed until we fell asleep.


  1. What a gorgeous day! Looks like Austin had a blast!! :-)
    I just love it up in Ogunquit Maine, one of my favorite places.

  2. Gorgeous photos!! Your little one is absolutely loving the beach and loving every minute!! He is so adorable and cute!