26 Simple Things I Enjoy

Stolen from SweatyGirl, who stole it from Janetha

A – Apples in my grilled cheese sandwiches. There is nothing as simple, but as tasty, as this.

B – Babies, especially brand new ones, and super especially my own little Austin James.

C – Color. When I was a teenager I only liked black and blue. Now, the more color, the better.

D – Disney, specifically, Walt Disney World. It’s my second favorite vacation spot.

 Why yes, there was a baby in my belly here.

E – eating. I love to eat. Anything tasty, all day long. The though of a Vegas buffet sends shivers through me, thinking of everything I’ll stuff in my mouth. It’s a wonder I don’t weigh more than I do. I can’t control my eating, not easily, anyway. If I order something that tastes amazing, I will devour every last bite.

F – Flea markets. I just love finding treasures for a few bucks.

G – Giggles. Nothing sweeter than hearing Austin giggle. Last night we were in the car and he was just laughing hysterically at nothing. It was amazing and totally melted my heart.

H – Hot guy celebrities, especially, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Bradley Cooper, and Matthew McConaughey.

I – Innocence. The song by Avril Lavigne. I daydream of dancing to it with Brad whenever I hear it. I played it at my wedding just for that reason.

J – jogging. Well, this is a love and hate things – I sometimes really hate doing it, but more often, I feel exhilarated while I’m jogging. I like to imagine that the sweat is fat melting away. After a good run, I feel energized and empowered.

K – Karma, the restaurant. They have the best sushi I’ve ever tasted.

L – Love stories, real, fictional, celebrity, in movies or in books, doesn’t matter, I’m a sucker

M – Memory keeping, by way of photos, blog posts, Project Life, and scrapbooking

N – nail polish. I don’t keep up with it like I should, but I do love when my nails are painted and pretty. Thankfully, I’m gonna have a little mani/pedi today, so they’ll be up to par!

O – Ogunquit, ME. The beach is beautiful, and I love walking Marginal Way.

P – Photography, and learning how to improve my photos. I get so excited when I take a great shot, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Q – Quiet. I work best in peace and quiet, and solitude. Noise is a complete distraction for me. Sometimes, I can watch some TV while crafting or surfing the net, but I prefer the silence, and I absolutely cannot sleep if anything is making noise. When Austin turns on his mobile at night, I wake up and can’t fall asleep until it’s off. Also, once I’ve been sleeping, my ears get really sensitive and everything is amplified. Give me quiet!

R – Reading, whether it’s a really good book or some gossipy magazine

S – Stamps, stamps, and more stamps. I collect them, I can’t resist them, and I love to make things with them.

T – Twitter. I love to Tweet!

U – U turns! Hahah, yes, I struggled for a U word but when this one popped into my head, it totally works, because I love making U turns! Really, I get all excited when my car makes that perfect U. Totally not kidding.

V – Vegas, of course. It’s where I was married, and it will be my future home. Only a matter of time until I’m waking up in the morning, walking out onto my balcony overlooking the mountains.

 Photo by Jennifer Millian

W – Wrestlers (professional), namely, my nearly 20 year obsession, Shawn Michaels.

X – Xs (and Os). Love kisses and hugs. I seriously love to kiss. Two different forms – I love covering Austin in kisses, and he laughs because it tickles. But I also love to kiss in the romantic way. I feel like kissing is so intimate, sometimes you can just sit and kiss and it’s super passionate and romantic and close and you don’t have to have the other stuff (yet).

Y – Yes. I love to say Yes. I am learning how to say no more often, but I like to please people, and I like to please me. So I say Yes far too often, to others, to myself and my impulses. But yes is a positive word if used correctly, and that’s why I like it.

Z – zebras. I LOVE how zebras photograph. I love their black and white colors – no animal is more striking, I say.


  1. Ok, not gonna lie.. I love perfect U turns too! :-)

    If mine had too many animals, yours had too many babies! So, we're even! :-)

    The truth is - you can never have too much puppy or too much Austin! :-)


  3. I just came across your site and absolutely LOVE it! I am going to be on here catching up later!!