Vintage Postcards

Some of my vintage postcards have started going up in my Etsy shop. I have 450 cards that need to be put up, so my plan is to do a batch each week. The prices on these cards will vary greatly - some of them are worth quite a bit more than others, especially when a set exists, like these John Gould ones:

Two of my favorites are up - one from 1907 featuring John Smith & Pocahontas:

And another featuring the R.M.S. Cedric from the White Star Line. I can't help but get a chill whenever I hear the words "White Star Line."

I have an Etsy shop that I'd set up specifically for my vintage items but am not quite ready to open it yet. I thought I'd try putting these through my current shop to start. I can always move them over later.

It feels quite good to actually, you know, DO something with these, finally. :)

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