The {Stamps} of Life

You probably saw this photo as part of my Project Life spread this week. I just wanted to give you a little more information about it.

I went to a scrapbook convention in Manchester, NH this past weekend (woah, mama, it was amazing). We came across a bright pink booth with the cutest stamps! While chatting with one of the guys working the booth, he told me about their monthly stamp club. I'd been thinking about joining one for awhile now, but so far hadn't found a club whose stamps I loved most of the time. (I'd look at past monthly stamp sets and be a little disappointed).

The {Stamps} of Life stamps are SUPER cute, however. In fact one of the owl ones in my picture that I purchased was a prior kit. For just $10.95 per month (plus $1 shipping) you get an adorable clear stamp set delivered to your door.

I signed up at the show (requires a 3 month commitment, which is no problem), and I got to meet Stephanie Barnard, the designer, plus I got a free stamp for signing up and that cute button in my photo above. Also by joining the club, you get a discount on every stamp set you order through your membership (15% off retail), plus a few times a year you get free Limited Edition stamps not available to the public. And after a year, you get a big free stamp SET as well :) More information can be found here.

This month's stamp set already has me excited:

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know about the club, and direct you to The {Stamps} of Life website to check them out for yourself.

Note: I don't get a kickback or anything for referring people, I just really loved the stamps and am excited about the club and want to share :)


  1. Melissa,

    Thanks so much for sharing our Club and company with your blog readers! :)

    Big hugs to you!

  2. Very cool that you got to meet Stephanie, and even got a comment from her (above)! I find looking at stamps overwhelming, but it would be nice to just have a super cute on sent. I love their style!