Rambling thoughts...

Under a jump because it's all kinda boring...

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization in my house, and in my schedule. I keep trying to make efforts to fix this and am getting no where. Well, that's not true. SOME things are working - we've started a daily chore chart on our fridge and we're keeping up with those, because the chores list is manageable. But I just never feel like there's enough time to get everything I want/need to do, done.

I don't know if there ever will be a perfect solution, but that doesn't matter at the moment. Right now, I just want to clear out the physical stuff in my house that is taking up space and will, in all likelihood, never get used. We're having a yard sale at the end of this month and whatever doesn't sell (with the exception of larger items that have potential on Craigslist), is NOT coming back in my house!

I'm going to be pulling together a small amount of craft supplies as well that I won't be using. Some of which is in new or good condition and will be sold through my Etsy shop (I'll let you all know when that stuff goes up). Others are things like half-used sticker sheets that I'm just going to yard sale for dirt cheap, and if that doesn't sell, it's going in the trash.

I'm making organizing a priority starting now until I feel comfortable moving forward. I want things in specific places, and labeled, so I don't forget what supplies I have (or what clothes I have for Austin) and never get a chance to use them.

I don't have a freebie idea for tomorrow and I don't have time tonight to pull one together, so I'm going to post a list of other cool freebies around the net for you guys to check out, if you haven't already found them. My apologies for not having one ready, but I'm just totally not prepared. It's really hard, planning a freebie each week and finding time to pull them together. Some of them only take me a half hour (like an overlay) and some of them take me 3 hours to do (like those little pennant flags).

Along the "overwhelming" line - Sadie is a handful. She's a really good dog, and smart, but some things that she does are very stressful for us. She is still not housebroken - she'll go outside, but at the same time she will hang around the kitchen and just squat and pee if she wants, without warning us she needs to go. We've been trying the bell training and she is (mostly) crate trained (she's had a couple of accidents if she's been left the entire day, which is expected at her age), but she's just not getting it completely. And she eats EVERYTHING outside. I've been told grass is ok, but she wants to chomp down mouthfuls of DIRT, pebbles and rocks, and heads of dandelions. And spraying the ground with bitter apple or making loud noises is not working AT ALL. If it was ok for her to chew up all this stuff, it'd be much less stressful but we've been told not to let her eat that. I don't understand. She is obviously, from googling, not the first/only dog that eats all this junk, and I can't imagine everyone else keeps their dog locked up in a crate or away from grass or watches them all like a hawk all the time. So what am I supposed to do? Why on earth did I think it was appropriate to get a dog at this time in my life (or anytime for that matter?). I will not give her up, don't misunderstand me - when you take on a pet you are responsible for that pet for their life, just like a child, you don't get to give them back. But ugh, I'd probably make a different choice if I'd have known how much work she was going to be. She's insanely more work than Austin has ever been. EVER.

Another potentially stupid decision (though at least this one really has no consequences if it doesn't work out), I signed up to be a Stampin' Up rep yesterday. This gets me discounts on their stamps, which is my main reason for doing so, but there are quarterly minimums that need to be kept up. So, I will be putting up a new Stampin' Up specific blog, and offering some online videos and maybe some monthly classes at my house, and hopefully can garner a few sales to help make my minimums. However, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, and there's no loss to me. I'll just be dropped as a rep and lose the discounts. But yes, this means something else that is going to take up some of my time.

Alright, I'm off.


  1. I feel for you. That is how I am feeling at the time. There are clothes every where, my craft room is so messy as I am in the middle of so many projects, I have bags full of stuff for yard sale that is just sitting in the guest bedroom ..I agree about dog. Our Dog Bella is handful as well. It took us while to get her house broken. Even now once in a while she does have accidents in house, but for most part she is okay. having a storm door with dog door helped us a lot. Bella also used to eat roots, stone. She ate up half of our rose bush and a big chunk of the fence post. She is okay so far. I mean it can cause problems by becoming an obstruction in their stomach or something, but it is hard to keep an eye on them all the time. Take Care.

    1. Thanks for this. It is definitely hard to keep an eye on them constantly. I appreciate hearing the stuff about Bella :)

  2. I am feeling the same! I look around & see all that needs to be done & I get overwhelmed by it all & flit around from thing to thing & not get anything done.

    Yet here I am sitting at my desk escaping into other people's lives instead of getting on with all the crap!

    I just remind myself to breathe....so I shall remind you to breathe too.

    1. It is so overwhelming sometimes, I agree! Thanks for the reminder to breathe :)