My Camera Gear

Yep, that's me, shooting at Disney last October. That's kinda what I look like most of the time - a camera in my face :)

I thought, since I've expanded my "camera bag" so much recently, I should do a post listing all my current gear, in case anyone is interested. I am by NO MEANS a professional photographer. However, I like to think my "skillz" are improving :) I've been studying and learning as much as I can about angles, camera settings, and post production, and I have taken some photos recently that I am incredibly pleased with.

So, without further ado, my gear:

Camera: Nikon D3100
Lenses: 18-55mm kit lens, 50mm f/1.8G prime lens, 35mm f/1.8G prime lens, 55-200mm zoom
Bag: Lowepro Passport Sling - Mica
Remote: Nikon MC-DC2 wired remote
Lens Filters - Polaroid 3 piece filter set (I don't use the fluorescent)
Extension tubes: Zeikos auto focus macro extension tubes

I love my camera. It was inexpensive and takes great photos, which is all I need. There are fancier cameras out there - I can't tell you how it compares, but the D3100 has fantastic reviews.

For lenses - the kit lens is an everyday lens that I generally use when I leave the house. I can't help but bring my extra lenses with me, "just in case," but the kit does a decent job of getting pics when I don't want to fuss with my other lenses. It's a kit lens though, so you get the results of a kit lens. Nice, but not amazing. I love my 50mm for portraits, but my 35mm (my newest addition) hasn't left my camera since I got it. It's perfect for shooting indoors - you get the beauty of the 50mm with a wider angle, so you're not having to back yourself up as much when taking your shots. Great for smaller areas. I have read that you can own the 35 and do without a 50, but I wouldn't get rid of my 50. It really is awesome for portrait shots, and I also use it with my extension tubes for macro shots. My 55-200mm zoom was a gift, and it produced some absolutely amazing animal shots at Busch Gardens recently.

Speaking of the extension tubes, I did a post awhile back showing what those can do. When used in combination with the 50mm lens, they're a great alternative to buying an expensive macro lens.

I have a wired remote simply because the reviews I'd checked out said the wireless ones don't work well with my camera. Perhaps there is a pricier one that works, I'm not sure, but I've been really happy with the wired one. If I want it out of a shot, I just set my self-timer, focus with the remote, and drop it.

I adore my camera bag. You can read my review on that here.

Hopefully this helps anyone who wanted to know what I was shooting with, or maybe is looking to upgrade from a point and shoot without spending a ton of money. I provided Amazon links for everything, but I did order my camera (body only) through, because it was less expensive, and I was getting the kit lens as a gift from my uncle. You can check their prices out before ordering yours. :)


  1. It's always fun to see what other people have in their camera bag :)

  2. Ooh, thanks for this! I've been debating between a 50 and 35 for a while, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to eventually get the 35mm. I appreciate your review -- it actually was the final straw for considering that over the 50, haha.

    And this is late, but THANK YOU for the camera bag review, too! I've been looking all over the place for one, but haven't found one that I liked and/or wasn't a couple hundred dollars or more.


    1. You're welcome. I really love my bag. I carry two extra lenses plus my camera, and my lightscoop, battery pack, etc in it, and have plenty of room for my personal "purse" items too, so I don't need to take a purse when I'm around. There's pockets all around the outside too. It's fantastic. Very, very happy with it.

    2. I'm trying to convince Matt that it's actually a good investment (and $60 ain't too much of an "investment"!), but he's all, "Well, you don't know what it's LIKE and you're taking advice from the INTERNET and you don't get to HOLD it..."

      Blah blah. Coming from a guy who does initial research, including Amazon reviews, and goes for stuff on a whim. You'd think he'd be cool with the camera bag and advice "from the internet."

      Sorry, apparently I needed that. ;) LOL