Cabinet Makeover

At the beginning of our vacation week, I hit up the flea market with my mom (my usual Sunday routine - I love the flea market) and came across this big, super heavy cabinet for just $10.

I knew right away it would be my new wood mounted stamp storage. The drawers were really deep and about the right height for my stamps. I rounded up a couple of men to lift the cabinet into my car, and Brad and I were able to lift it out when I got home. We headed to Lowes and picked out a pretty blue matte Rustoleum spray paint, and Brad painted it up for me.

I currently had all my stamps in 12x12 scrapbook paper plastic bins, and the wood mounted (non Stampin' Up!) stamps took up 7 bins! The new cabinet holds all those stamps in just two of the drawers with room in each to expand. I have two empty drawers left (one of which I may use for my ink pads).

Here's how I'm storing my stamps:

I stood them all up on their sides, and coded them (see the red writing on the stamps). Remember my stamp index? I've coded each stamp according to their category in the index. Now when I want to pull out a stamp, I can check what it's code is and find it easily in the drawer. 

Here's the before and after:


  1. It looks awesome... Love the blue !

  2. I love how this came out, too! The color is so fun, and what a good, space-saving way to store the stamps! Genius, as always :-)

  3. That looks great...Being blue is my favorite I think it is beautiful....So what are you going to store in all the empty 12x12 paper

  4. WOW..Awesome transformation. Loved it. Neat!!!

  5. Terrific makeover, I have had my eye on somethings similar but new from Ikea. It's a lot more than 10 bucks and I would still want to paint it over. Great find!