Week In The Life 2012: The Plan

When Ali Edwards first announced her Week In The Life dates for 2012, I wrote it in my calendar, planning to follow along. I love Ali's projects, and this year I wanted to do this and her December Daily project.

As it approached, however, I changed my mind. I am far too busy to do the level of documenting that Ali does for her Week In The Life. I know my limits. So I said that I wasn't going to do it, and perhaps I'd pick a week in the summertime or during our vacation to do the project.

Lindsay was over the other night and when I told her this, she suggested that I just take the photos, for now, and do the documenting later. When she further suggested using Instagram, I realized this was a task I could manage. So I'll be doing the project via Instagram, and including my pictures in my regular weekly Project Life layout as an insert. I'm thinking of using the 9 pocket baseball card page protectors so I can add a little title under the photo, and even, perhaps, an embellishment or two.

Oh, and my dates are going to vary just slightly. I do my PL Sunday to Saturday, so I'll be starting on April 22 and going through April 28. 

What about you? Will you be documenting a Week In The Life this year? What's your plan?

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