Thank you, Apple

I can't even describe the elation I feel right now.

I received my replacement battery, but the phone was still not working. In fact, I got a "blue screen of death," at one point.

I hauled ass to the Apple store at the mall, and politely asked if they had a way to transfer my photos I (thought) I hadn't backed up. No dice. However, the awesome guy I explained my situation to (I was 100% honest - it fell in the toilet, we opened it up, etc), talked to his manager and they offered me a Genius Bar swap.

A brand new iPhone 4, for just $149. (Retail price of a 16GB 4S is currently $649. Retail for an 8GB 4 is $549 through Verizon).

I did have to surrender my phone, and in doing so, accepted that I probably lost a few of the recent Austin videos.

However, when I got home, I plugged my new iPhone into my iTunes, selected to do a restore from my backup of my prior phone (not knowing what exactly would happen) and suddenly, all my apps, all my photos, videos, even text messages, were on the new phone exactly as I had left my old phone.

I guess in the few minutes I managed to connect my phone to my computer earlier today, a backup occurred and saved everything. I am incredibly, incredibly lucky and thankful for this backup feature (the photos - I did not know that iTunes backed up your photos, too), and also, to the two dudes at Apple who made my night by saving me $500 on a new phone.

Happy Freakin Dance!


  1. That's so great ! Glad you got a new phone AND all your photos and video ... So cool. Yay Apple.

  2. That is awesome! :D I love Apple so much... when I dropped my iPod Touch in the toilet (what is with Apple products and restrooms, I swear!), they replaced it, cost-free, even though a bit of the moisture sensor was tinged pink. They were so great about it, helped me set up the new one, and even threw in a new pair of headphones (which was GREAT, as I somehow managed to slice through my old pair with a letter opener... don't even ask).

    And people wonder why I'm vying for an iPad. I know the kind of service I get with Apple products, and TBH, they really do handle a lot! My Macbook, for instance, has outlived *FOUR* of Matt's PC laptops. ;)