Inserting Greeting Cards into Project Life Album

I don't have a sewing machine, and I am often envious of the custom page protectors everyone seems to be making.

This week I wanted to add a handmade card that I made for Austin into my album, but I didn't have an appropriately sized page protector. And thinking about cutting down my existing protectors really stressed me out. I don't like "destroying" things.

So instead, I found a really simple way to do this.

I have a bunch of cellophane greeting card sleeves (because I sell greeting cards), and you can get them online super cheap, or even at Michaels (though the ones at Michaels aren't self sealing and they have limited sizes. Still cheap though).

I took a wrapper, and some Smash tape, and got to work:

This is really easy. Just insert your card, and seal the wrapper (for the non-self sealing kind, just use a pretty sticker to do the job). Then take your washi tape, and run it along one side of the wrapper, leaving a small amount overhanging the edge. Flip the wrapper over, and do the same on the back so that you have two strips of tape stuck together, to form a "spine."

Punch two holes in the spine in the proper place and insert into your album. So simple!


  1. What a brilliant idea:)

    Is it possible please to do a step-by-step tutorial in pictures on how to do this?

    I don't like destroying things either & haven't got a clue on how to customize a page protector.

    By the way, would you be able to read both sides of the card this way or would it need to be taken out?

    1. Well, I've kinda listed the steps in my post, I didn't take pics of each step but it's really easy.

      You would have to take the card out to read it eventually, this is more for preserving it for the future I suppose. You could do something similar with a page protector that is open at the top. I've done that in later project life weeks if you scroll back. (try week 19 or 20 I think? Around mothers day).

      For this card I wanted to save it for when he is older so I didn't need to open it up now.