Busch Gardens Mega Picture Post

Finally finished editing my photos from Busch Gardens (not much editing needed - some cropping and watermarking, really, but there were a lot to go through - I took 500 photos that day). At the end of the post I've also got a few photos I took on Easter at the clubhouse in the community where my grandfather lived.

We had a lovely day. The weather was perfect. We got to meet up with my oldest stepbrother, Rick and his wife, Jali, and also some friends of ours, Tammy, and her son Justin and daughter Katerina.

Taken by Busch Gardens upon entering the park. This is my brother, Brian, on the left, and my husband, Brad, on the right.

My telephoto lens ended up producing some pretty amazing shots. Most of the ones you'll see are with the telephoto.

 The gorillas were amazing. They were playful, and they were very aware we were watching.

 The guy on the right above was curled up with his feet in the cutest position:

 And this guy posed for us a few times:

 This shot was taken with my uncle's 35mm lens.

 Yay for feeding the flamingos! We stopped to feed them and at that moment there was a brief thunderstorm. Luckily we were under a rooftop, so it was perfect timing.

 I was really excited about this half underwater shot!

You could feed the Kangaroos, but they were really full and sleepy when we got there. So cute though!

I wanted to cuddle this guy so bad!

 This view was by far the most amazing animal view I've ever had. Gorgeous landscape, and so many animals all together!

 This one was just playing around with my camera - I focused on the flowers and just love how this turned out.

 The giraffes were my favorite, I think!

Though I was kinda in love with the zebras:


 So sleepy!

The white tigers were behind two crazy heavy duty wire fences. Don't mess with them!

 The shrubbery animals were amazing!

 We did go on a few rides, including this crazy coaster:

We actually have a video of this too, but I haven't been able to rip it to my computer yet.


 Train through the Serengeti

One last photo - my brother, Brian, is a part-time pro wrestler/manager, and his stage name is Brian Cairo. I spotted something as we were headed into lunch and had to snap a pic of him:

 Finally, some photos from Easter:

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  1. these pictures are seriously amazing.
    Stunning! Even through the wire fence you got some incredible shots.
    You should definitely print and frame some of those! The flamingos! So good!

    And that gorilla cracks me up... what a stud!!