Product Review: Kindle Touch

I want to take a minute and rave about my new Kindle Touch (a free gift for the employees at my work for meeting an important milestone). I am LOVING this little baby. I have an iPhone and an iPad, so I didn't really ever think I'd have a use for a Kindle.

Boy, was I wrong! First of all, it is so much lighter than carrying around an iPad and much easier on the eyes than reading a book on my iPhone. I love that it fits right in my purse. (I purchased this sleeve for it to keep it protected, and I've got this skin on my wish list for my birthday).

Additionally, by having the actual Kindle, I can take advantage of the Prime Members' Lending Library on Amazon. My Prime membership gets me access to so many free books that I can "borrow" just like with a real library.

I connected it to WiFi right away (though you can get a 3G version here - and the best part is there's no charge for Amazon's 3G service like with the 3G service for an iPad). I love that I can order books from the computer and they'll be delivered right to my Kindle. (You can shop right from the Kindle too, I just prefer a computer and a mouse for my searching).

I love that you can Tweet when you finish a book. I love that there are tons of free books on Amazon (not including the library ones). I also love that my local library has free eBooks you can borrow as well and read on the Kindle.

You can also listen to music with the Kindle Touch, though I haven't tried yet. That's probably not a function I'd use, but I bet some of you could easily plop some tunes on it, and take your Kindle to the beach and enjoy some music while you read.

There is one thing I don't really care for about my Kindle Touch, but since it was free I can't really complain. I dislike the ads that display on the Home screen, or on the screensaver during sleep mode. However you can buy an ad-free version if this bothers you too much. They aren't that bad, but I despise advertisements, anywhere, so it's something that, had I purchased a Kindle myself, I might have paid the extra $40 and gotten it ad-free. But, for $99, even with the ads, the Kindle Touch is a really amazing little gadget. :)

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