iPhone Photo Editing

I am totally in love with these two photos, and wanted to share what iPhone apps I used to get them to where I wanted them to be. I hate the quality of cell phone photos, but just love how they look when they've been filtered and processed.

Since I used the same process for both, let's just work with the photo on the left. Here is the original photo (taken in Camera+):

I really wanted to show off the back of his jacket, but the photo was super dark.

1. Lighten the photo in Iris Photo Suite using shadows/highlights, and then the histogram.

Look how nicely this lightened up the jacket. I could have stopped here but I really wanted to add a filter to it.

2. Open the photo in Instagram, and filter using the Amaro filter. (I did this same procedure for the photo on the right).

3. Open up PicFrame, choose the 3:2 ratio, and the two photo portrait layout, and insert both photos.

Here is a comparison between the original photo and the final result:

I love how easily I was able to lighten up the photo to show off the design on the back of his jacket. This just shows how you can take a photo that might otherwise be unusable and turn it into something really fun and beautiful (at least, in my opinion!).

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