Austin is almost ONE! (And a Friday Freebie!)

This past weekend Brad and I set up a mini photo shoot outside in our front yard to capture some pictures of Austin close to his first birthday. We'll be having our professional one year shoot sometime next month (our photographer is a new mom so she's taking a little time to spend with her beautiful new baby girl!). But I wanted to have a few photos that I could use at his birthday party (tomorrow omg!). We took him out in the red wagon I got at the flea market last year (it does need a good paint job, but I think the aged look is kinda cool).

To show a few of them off to you, I created a web storyboard in Photoshop Elements and included my favorite photos. And I thought I would share this storyboard with all of you for this week's Freebie :)

And, as promised, the storyboard in action:

This is a layered .psd file, used in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. You'll need at least a basic knowledge of clipping masks to use it, but it is pretty straightforward.



  1. Melissa, he is just so sweet and so happy!

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. These pictures!!!
    Beautiful photography, and even more beautiful model!

  3. Happy Baby Boy! Is there anything better?'

    Yes, getting to see that baby boy in person tomorrow!

  4. Hope he has a Great First Birthday and thank you for the storyboard !