Review: Ristorante Pizza

This past week I got a chance to try two types of Ristorante Frozen Pizza. We picked up the Mozzarella, and the Speciale.

Some pics:

This is after they came out of the oven (they cook directly on the rack, not on the cookie sheets, I just used the cookie sheets for cooling). 

Both were quite tasty, and I really enjoyed the thin crust. They were, however, on the small side. The pizzas are more like a typical individual sized pizza, even though there are supposed to be 3 servings in the box. To compare, 2 of us can split a Red Baron pizza (at 19.7 oz) with 3 slices each and that makes a full meal for us. The Ristorante pizzas are only 11.5 oz, so we ended up eating a whole pizza each (we split them, half and half) as a meal.

Here's a photo that hopefully shows the size of the slices.

The Mozzarella could use a little more red sauce, but had sufficient seasoning, tomatoes and spinach. The Speciale had plenty of pepperoni and ham toppings.

I also wasn't really loving how they cooked directly on the oven rack. The instructions say not to use a cookie sheet, but this makes it a little more difficult to get them out of the oven (using a spatula to move them onto your plate or cookie sheet when done) than the pizzas that let you cook right on a cookie sheet. I think an option might be to preheat the oven with the cookie sheet inside, and then cook on that.

I would buy these again if they were on sale or I had a coupon. It is a little hard to justify these over the larger Red Baron pizzas.

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