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This week, Austin got his first two teeth. I snapped a picture of them after his bath a few nights ago, and just couldn't wait to share it. But first, it needed some editing.

I have been following The CoffeeShop Blog for awhile now. Rita is a stay-at-home mom who creates all kinds of totally FREE actions for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements, because she loves to share them!

I downloaded quite a few of her actions (you can actually download ALL of her actions in one easy step with a reasonable donation to her site here, but I just picked the ones I thought I'd use to start with). However I am still really new to editing with things like layer masks, so I hadn't had much of a chance to try any of them.

The picture I took of Austin's teeth, I really wanted to make it pop, so I went ahead and followed Rita's Perfect Portrait 2 tutorial (I do have Perfect Portrait 3 but wanted to start small, LOL) and I am really pleased with the results!

I first color corrected the photo in Photoshop Elements (I do this using "remove color cast" because it's the easiest way for me) and used the spot healing tool to remove a few of the red marks from Austin's face. Then I ran the action. The action has a lot of layers and layer masks. You use a brush to brush on the effects, and adjust the opacity of the layers to your liking. The total time it took me to edit the photo was about 30 minutes, but this is because a) it was my first time really using an action, and b) I had to swap back and forth between the image and Rita's tutorial so that I could learn what each layer did and how to use each one. In the future I'd imagine editing an image with this action would take maybe 10 minutes.

Here is my photo of Austin after using Rita's Perfect Portrait 2 action:

I just love how vibrant the colors are, and how bright his eyes are!

Here is a comparison for you:

It was already a good photo, but the Perfect Portrait 2 action just gave it that extra something to really make it stand out :)

Please check out The CoffeeShop Blog and try out some of her actions!

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