Austin's First Birthday - Inspiration

I realized last week that it is now under 4 weeks away to Austin's first birthday party. While I don't really have any specific theme, I do want to make the party decorations something to remember. I plan to DIY most everything, except the typical plastic silverware and paper plates. So, I've been furiously searching Pinterest and Google for inspiration.

  1.  Birthday Party Centerpiece by Jen Jockisch 
  2.  Birthday Party Garland found on My Bride Story
  3.  Birthday Mantel Decoration from eighteen25 (can't find actual post)
  4.  High Chair Cake Banner found on Half Baked
  5.  Birthday Cupcakes (Love the Flags!)
  6.  First Birthday Hat by Dainty Couture
  7.  Happy Birthday Banner from The TomKat Studio
  8.  Favor Box from Paper Cookies


  1. I love the color scheme you're going with... everything will be SO cute! He will have some fabulous first birthday pictures to look back on!

  2. I am so excited for his birthday party just because I know it's going to look AMAZING with all of the crafts that you're planning! I wish I could be there to celebrate!

    1. Well, hey, if you want to take a road trip, you'd be welcome! :)