Air Display for iPad

Awhile back, Shannon gave me a graphics pen tablet that she wasn't using. I'd been thinking about one for making digital stamp images. I tried using it and it, unfortunately, doesn't seem to want to work with my computer. I'm not sure the reason, maybe the pen battery died or maybe I don't have the right drivers on my Mac for it.

Recently I've really been wanting to make some handwritten photoshop brushes. I tried doing this with pen, paper, and scanner, and I found that the image uploaded wasn't smooth enough for my liking. I could see the little areas where the ink bled a little into the paper. So I started looking at pen tablets on Amazon and they were pricey. And I am cheap.

Suddenly, it hit me that perhaps I could use a drawing app on my iPad to make an image and then upload it to my computer. So I immediately purchased this highly rated and super inexpensive BoxWave stylus for my iPad. (At this point, still unsure which drawing app I would use).

During my research for the right drawing app, I came across a brilliant app called Air Display. Air Display turns your ipad (or phone, or other computer/device) into an extended monitor for your Mac/PC. What this means is I can now open up Photoshop Elements through the iPad screen and draw right on the iPad screen. So with my stylus, I now turn my iPad into a graphics tablet. For a total cost of $18 ($8 for the stylus, plus $10 for the app).

I tried it out tonight and it works! I just used my finger to test it:

You can see that this view basically copies exactly what's on my desktop. (It also changes up the actual desktop resolution while you're connected). 

You can use the app as an extended desktop too, not just a copy. I need to read more about exactly how to go about doing these things. I found the extended desktop feature first, when in portrait mode, but rotating my iPad turned on the duplicate desktop screen (which is really what I needed anyway). But the good part about an extended desktop is you can dock some things like open chat windows onto the iPad and keep your main screen open for working.

How cool is this?! My stylus arrives Thursday, so watch for some handwritten brushes and overlay freebies to come soon.