Video tour of my craft room

SweatyGirl requested a video tour of my craft room, so here it is. But here are a few warnings:

a) I took this with an iPhone, in portrait mode, so the quality isn't the best.
b) I suck at taking videos. The minute the camera turns on, I get nervous, so I say "um" a lot.
c) I don't know a thing about editing videos, so this is straight out of the camera.


  1. This video was great! And not for nothing... You look really pretty in the beginning shot! :-)
    I like the changes you made! I love love how organized it all is, everything makes perfect sense!
    And you're actually quite a good "host" especially for doing this all in one take!

  2. Girl, I am so jealous of your organizational skills! What a great room, too, I love it! :D My mom would want to live in that room, not even going to lie, but she'd swap out everything you have for quilting material. ;)

    You're adorable, too! It was so nice to hear your voice and see your pretty (yes, pretty!) face in the first bit. :)

    So heyyy... we're redoing our office if you have a bit... LOL

    Oh! And I meant to ask what camera you have. :)