Sunglasses and Boots

Now that I have contacts again, I need some non prescription sunglasses. Found these Lauren Conrad ones at Kohl's today:

I also needed some black winter type shoes, because I have nothing wintery to wear with my black pants. Kohl's was out of pretty much everything, so I hit Famous Footwear, and got these cute boots!

I did see this gorgeous sweater at Kohl's that I really wanted to love, but it didn't look as great on me as on the mannequin. I do LOVE the color palette in this outfit though. A light rose-pink, cream sweater, and light gray pants. Beautiful.

And I resisted trying on any of the other cute new stuff, because I'd like to get skinny first! I am looking ahead to birthday shopping!


  1. I can't recall if I mentioned this yet or not - but I just LOVE your new blog look. The banner is so SO cute. I love it with the tagline and everything!