Scrapbooking Plans

Falling Behind

I fell way behind this year on Austin's first year scrapbook. It is definitely a source of stress for me. I have a Shutterfly code for a free photobook that expires at the end of this month, but I was struggling to decide what to use it for. And I have Project Life. And lots of old photos.

I've been scrapbooking for years, off and on. I have a huge wedding scrapbook, and I have one for events leading up to the wedding, and another for our honeymoon. I have one for Disney vacations, a mini one for more Disney vacations, and a general one that I made when I first started out scrapping back in college.

Having started Project Life, I've learned that I can still be creative, without the stress of designing the perfect page. This is the way I want to continue to scrapbook. But I can't make copies of this easily to share with Austin when he moves out on his own. And I don't want to give up my scrapbook at that time, I imagine keeping them until I pass on. 

After reading The Mom Creative's post on her thoughts on scrapbooking, it all became very clear to me what I truly want to do. Pretty much exactly as she's done. She just laid it out there in a way that gave me that light bulb moment.

So my plan is:

Finish up that first year scrapbook. I realize it's a stress point right now, but I REALLY want to complete it. I love the way the first few months were coming together, and I am determined to finish it. I'll be starting back up on this over the weekend. I'll start with the monthly title pages, as those are the most important to capture the changes in Austin, and then fill in with the other monthly photos. Once this scrapbook is done, I don't plan to do any further traditional scrapbooking.

I will continue the Project Life scrapbooking process as long as I can - for years, until perhaps Austin is grown and moves away, maybe even longer than that. Hopefully the products will be available for years to come.

I'll scrap all my old prints (and photos on my computer that I have not printed yet) using the Project Life format in a general, all encompassing album (as mentioned in my previous post). 

I will be using my free code to produce an annual scrapbook for Austin. This will be 2011, and will include photos and journaling about him for the year. Going forward, I plan to do one of these every year for him until it's no longer necessary. He can take these books (or perhaps, a copy of them) with him when he leaves home.

For special events that I want in a separate book, I'll either go the photo book route, or create a special mini book.

How about you? How do you scrapbook or record your memories?

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