Resolutions Update

I am planning on updating my blog monthly with a check in on how I'm coming along with my resolutions. I've updated them a bit since first posting, so here's the official listing:

Weight loss: My new goal is 145 pounds. I started (January 1st weigh in) at 173 pounds. That's 28 pounds. I successfully completed the first two days of January eating perfectly according to my plan, and working out 1 hour each day (30 mins using the XBox Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 game, 30 minutes treadmill). By the way, this game rocks. I'm way out of shape, and it's killing me, but there are many different intensities, so I think anyone will get a good workout using it. I love that, unlike the Wii, you don't have to wear anything or use a remote for it to recognize you. It's very sensitive and recognizes your movements well.

Dedicated Schedule: I've already got these noted in my planner and intend to stay on track. I have allowed myself the flexibility that if I really don't feel like crafting for pleasure (Monday nights), I won't. Last night, I felt like reading, something I wanted to enjoy in 2012, so I did. And I don't feel guilty about it. I refuse to skip business crafting nights (Tuesday and Thursday), however - I consider that "going to work."

Planner: As you've seen on my blog, I made one myself, and am using it regularly. I carry it with me in my purse, and keep it next to me at work and at home.

Organization/Cleaning: This is part of my schedule noted above, but I spent my vacation week organizing and cleaning, and it feels really nice. So far, we're spending the few minutes it takes to do the dishes after dinner or put something away, and it's working. I hope we can maintain this. I've got Saturday nights dedicated to cleaning and organizing (laundry and vacuuming are the big Saturday to-dos), and with the small daily maintenance, this shouldn't be a problem. Much easier to take a few minutes to wipe the counter down at night then to spend an hour doing a major kitchen cleaning.

Other things:

I decided, after reading SweatyGirl's resolutions, that I want to try to keep my nails (and toenails) painted. I painted them on New Year's Eve and touched them up last night. I'll plan to change out the color every couple of weeks, with just touch ups in between.

Along those lines, I am intending to wear makeup every work day. I don't intend to make myself wear it on the weekends, but my plan is to wear, at minimum, eyeliner and mascara to work each day. I spent the five minutes it took to put it on this morning and it feels nice. It was a little challenging with a 9 month old pulling up on my pants, but I made it through the process.

And then some other small things I'm attempting to do/have done - wash my face before bed each night (I'm so lazy about this), be in bed by 11 and up at 7, and the previously posted about giving up of Facebook.I also bought a small journal to carry with me and write in whenever I have a thought. Mostly, it's stuff I don't want to blog about. I have a lot of things running through my head, a lot of random thoughts, and I wanted an outlet for them.

I like this post - having everything concisely narrowed down helps me focus. So far, the first 2 days of 2012 have been perfect, exactly as I wanted to them to be, and if I just remember, one day at a time, I'll be able to keep on track.


  1. I like this post, too! :-)

    I love all your resolutions, and I love that they all have a good, healthy intention and that they are all attainable.

    The game sounds cool, and I am glad its giving you a good workout!