Resolutions Check In

Weight Loss – I lost 7.5 pounds in January! Starting weight was 173, I am now at 165.5. This makes me SO happy, to officially be out of the 170’s and only 1 pound away from pre-baby weight. I have 20.5 pounds left to my goal weight of 145. I’ve been (up until I got very sick last week) working out a lot. I am increasing my running – even running a mile straight two days in a row. It feels really, really good. I have not used my Xbox game much. I want to, I very much want to, but finding the time to do it is a little harder. I want to run, because it gets me fast results, so I’m thinking of maybe getting down to a good weight via running (and the crunches/weight lifting/squats), and then using the Xbox game later on, when I’m looking for maintenance more than fast weight loss.

EDIT: Wanted to add, still going strong with zero fast food (fast food being McD's, Wendy's, BK, Taco Bell, KFC and equivalents). Yesterday I did hit my first slight craving for McD's and I think that was because I was sick. But it's been easy to resist. I actually get annoyed when I see any commercials for it too!

Dedicated Schedule/Planner – I’m not doing that great at this. I’m still using my planner and writing in this time, and certain things I’m sticking to, like my Project Life nights and my cleaning/organizing night. But the crafting nights, not so much. It’s going to take more effort to make this work. It might even require a re-planning of the schedule. The good thing is, I don’t really feel like I am lacking in doing the stuff I want time to do. Where I feel I’m lacking is with the business stuff. Personally…I’m kind of just doing what I want to do, and so that’s been nice. I need to be a little more focused with regard to the business though.

Organizing/Cleaning – working really well, up until this past weekend, because I was really sick and Brad had to watch Austin. But we’ve been really, really on top of keeping the kitchen clean every day, and vacuuming every weekend, and laundry and other stuff like that. Next weekend I plan to catch up from this past weekend and we’ll be good to go again.

Nails/toenails – still painted, though I missed re-doing them on Sunday, so they’re a bit chipped right now. I bought some pretty new polish though!

Makeup – missed 2 days so far, once because I totally forgot, and yesterday because I was still really sick and just didn’t feel like wearing it.


  1. Wow, sounds like you're going strong with the resolutions! :-) I am SO impressed with your weight loss so far! So good!


    How are you keeping track of your schedule, with a written planner or on your phone/computer? Just curious!

    1. Planner:

    2. Oh, this is BRILLIANT!