Project Life 2012 - Week Two

Welcome to week two of Project Life Tuesday 2012. Here's a look at this week's layout:

Closeups of each page:

Yikes! I just noticed the glare from the sun on the bottom right! Oops.

I used a sharpie on a few of the journaling cards for an extra little pop. I tend to get a little bored with my handwriting, so I'm always looking for ways to spice up my journaling cards. :) 

One of the exciting points of the week was a bit of snow on Thursday. It's been pretty much a snowless winter so far, and I was really happy to get even a half inch of snow :) Austin was very interested in it, too!

I also had to include this adorable photo I snapped of Austin while he was cruising around before dinner:

Earlier this week I had pinned a cartoon on Pinterest that I thought was really funny, and fitting since Brad and I are trying to lose weight. I cut out the cartoon and stuck it on my title card, along with a torn section of Smash tape.

Image borrowed from Ribbon, Glitter and Glue

I also used a couple of stickers from a scrapbook page kit I'd picked up awhile back at Christmas Tree Shops. (Colorbok Warm Memories Page Kit).

I started printing my photos through Walgreens this week, and I couldn't be more pleased. CVS had a $1.49 service charge for orders under $5, but Walgreens doesn't. 19 cents a print, and they were ready in about a half hour. Better quality than my home prints, and saves me from having to buy photo paper or replace ink as quickly.

There you have it for this week. Check out everyone's Project Life layouts over on The Mom Creative!


  1. I like your sticker about eating a skinny person :)

  2. I do love me some Container Store. It's like a store full of hope! Great photos and love your cartoon!

  3. Thanks for the reccommendation for the photo developer. I have been printing at home or running to Costco, but it's 20 minutes away and I was debating switching to a local place like Walgreens. I love the picture with Austin's tongue sticking out and the food picture at the end of the week, interesting how you got down to table level. It's great how you got the food and the flame.

  4. Thanks for the love, everyone!

    @Katie, I am a big fan of funky angles. I tend to snap a dozen photos of the same shot just to ensure I get the angle I'm looking for!

  5. Looks great - and I LOVE the bottom right restaurant photo, just perfection!