Perfect Sweet Potato Chips

I'm home sick today and don't have enough energy to leave my bed, so I thought I'd go ahead and post about my sweet potato chips. After several attempts, I have found the perfect dehydrated sweet potato chip recipe. They're so tasty and crisp, I just had to share.

First, I start with two peeled sweet potatoes. (That's all I can fit into my dehydrator. Someday I'd like more trays for my dehydrator so that I can do larger batches). 

I chop them in half to make it easier for slicing:

I use a mandolin to slice them, on the super thin slices setting. This is my mandolin, and it's perfect and inexpensive.

This is how thin the slices are:

Once they are all sliced, place them onto the dehydrator trays:

Next, I season them. I found the perfect seasoning for our chips. We use Steven Raichlen's Island Spice Rub and I also add a little Kosher Salt. I've also used his Kansas City rub (delicious, with a little kick) and just regular salt and pepper. Use whatever spices you like. We just like a little kick to our chips (and really, that's the only way I can get Brad to eat them) so we use these rubs for a super delicious taste :)

A note: several websites suggested using olive oil on the chips. We tried this twice, and found that having the oil on the chips did make them quite tasty, but caused them not to dry out, so they were more chewy than crisp. I like my chips crisp.

Once your slices are all seasoned, put them on to dry at 135 degrees for 7-9 hours. Previously I'd tried drying them at a suggested 115 degrees and found that they dried much too slowly for my liking. I prefer to set these to dry overnight, so the 7-9 hour timing is perfect for us.

The two sweet potatoes make approximately 4-6 servings of chips, depending on how many you like to eat in a sitting. (The bowl below shows 2 of our servings).

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  1. mmmmm yummy town!

    I have tried them with a sprinkle of brown sugar & cinnamon too, and YUM!
    I prefer them salty/savory, but a little sweet sometimes is a nice option!