One Little Word: January 2012

January is all about defining our word. The layout provided by Ali was for 9 small canvases, but I opted to keep it to 6 which worked for my mini book.

I can't stand my handwriting and knew that I'd spend far too much time trying to perfect it for this, so I decided to just type the words into the template and print. 

 On the blank canvas, I opted to stamp a simple phrase, and a flower. I then cut out my word using my Slice and outlined it in black to make it stand out.

We also were supposed to include a photo of ourselves at the beginning of this journey, so I had Brad snap this one today. I made sure Austin was in the picture because I want most of all to enjoy watching him grow this year. He's very important to my word.

I went with an antique tone to the photo so that it kept with my color scheme.

I have something else I need to work on for this album but I haven't figured out how I want to do it yet, so that part will have to wait. We are encouraged to include anything we like in the album and I'm definitely planning to do so.


  1. I love how you're doing this in a mini book form. It's looking lovely.

    I really like the quote you chose.
    And the picture of you and Austin is beautiful.

  2. So lovely. One really silly question (I'm really new to scrapping and all this):what sort of paper do you print on? It look so lovely!

  3. The photo I printed on photo paper, but the white with text is just white card stock. You can buy a big pack at Walmart/Kmart/Target, or even from Michaels, though their packs will be smaller/cost more.