Memory Monday: Project Life - December 25 - December 31, 2011

The final Project Life spread of 2011.

This week was fun - filled with Christmas, a play date with the Castners,  and Austin turning 9 months. Brad and I were both on vacation this week so we spent a lot of time playing with Austin as well as getting things done around the house.

Close ups of each page:

I used another 4x6 photo insert this week for the extra Christmas photos. I also included the wrapping from my gift from Austin.

On the back I put in the lottery tickets my brother gave us for Christmas (we didn't win). 

I used a 6x12 insert so that I could include the Christmas wreath Austin made with his finger prints at daycare. The one I used is currently unavailable (the Project Life stuff goes FAST!) but American Crafts has a version here.

One of Austin's toys came with a little booklet, each page said "B something." The back cover summed up all the pages, so I kept just the covers and inserted into my layout. (I'd previously thought about keeping the whole booklet but it was quite thick and I didn't like that it was stretching out my page protector). 

That's it for 2011! On to 2012 :) As a reminder for anyone who recently popped onto my blog, I started using the Amber kit and binder as of December 1st. So 2012 will be in the same binder as December 2011.

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  1. I love that "B" quote!

    I chose a similar picture from our playdate that I took for my layout from last week too! Too cute!
    Love the pics!
    Great job on the shelves!!