Fancy town :)

I'm really proud of myself tonight. I designed a new logo for my blog header and for watermarking photos ;) My new blogger banner (also seen at the top of the page, duh!):

and showing it used as a watermark on a photo:

I'll be totally honest, this took me forever to do. I first used just the outline from a stamp I had, and stamped the banner image. I scanned it into my computer, brought it into Photoshop Elements, and erased the background so I just had an outline.

I played around with the outline for awhile before deciding that I wanted the flags to be patterned. There's probably an easier way to do this, but to make the pattern, I first made a triangle shape that fit over the outline, and made 7 copies. I lined them all up, and then proceeded to fill each shape with some digital scrapbook paper (freebies from Persnickety Prints! Patterns are from the All American Tweeds set, which actually comes with some buntings but I wanted to make my own).

To fill each shape, I dragged the paper into my logo, and positioned the paper layer above the shape layer I was working with. Then I created a clipping mask, and resized the paper so that the pattern showed appropriately. I repeated this for all 8 flags.

I saved the image as a brush so that I could use it for watermarking photos. I love the little touch of professionalism it gives my picture!