Tasty Tuesday: "I'm a dehydrating maniac!"

Shannon gave me this baby for Christmas:

I was super psyched - I've been wanting a dehydrator/beef jerky maker for years (ever since we stopped by that tasty fresh beef jerky stand on our honeymoon). Brad and I got to work pretty quickly trying out "our" new toy!

I made apple chips:

I made an attempt at potato chips:

What I learned from the potatoes is that I need a mandolin to get super thin slices for chips (ours tasted ok, but they were very tough around the edges). I ordered up this one that should arrive tomorrow.

And the best part - we made beef jerky. Two kinds, a spicy (which is SUPER spicy) and a teriyaki, just using the pre-made seasoning packets that Shannon gave us.

With the pre-made seasoning, the teriyaki was way too salty, and the spicy way too spicy for my tastes. Brad is excited to make his own marinades, so in the future we'll adjust so that we get better taste results. However the meat we used (pricy stuff from The Meat House - $14 for 1.5 pounds which yielded probably a week's worth of jerky for the two of us - it filled up four trays in the machine) was perfect, and 8 hours in the machine resulted in the perfect texture/chewiness/toughness for the jerky. I'd call it a success!

I love this machine. Love it! Thank you, Shannon, for a fabulous gift! :)

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  1. So glad you love it! Your jerky looks phenomenal! I want some! yum :-)