Slice Storage

While getting my Project Life storage unit, I grabbed another one to store my Slice and accessories.

I want to note here that when Brad ordered three cartridges for me for Christmas, Making Memories sent him a bunch of extra freebies too! He got 3 extra blade refill packs, two sets of the pen tips, and two sets of marker tips.  And when I sent in my Basics 1 cartridge because I was getting an error, they replaced it and sent me a brand new cartridge - Basic Elements and Seasons - free!

Michaels was having a major clearance sale on Slice cartridges and accessories. Cartridges were just $9.99 each (compared to over $30 for most cartridges on Amazon). The accessories were around $3 or less. Even the machine (the new Pink Elite, which I am so jealous of) was on sale for just $40. Anyway, I picked up 5 new cartridges. With the ones I got for Christmas and the free one from Making Memories, I am up to 11 cartridges. So for about $3, I picked up this little zipper binder to hold them. (It holds up to 24 cartridges and booklets).

The best thing about the unit is that I can use my Slice right on the top!

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