Shout Out!

Just wanted to put out a quick shout out to First Alert alarms. We have the hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide alarms throughout our home. I like that they are hard wired, because it doesn't put as much drain on the battery backup. I also love that during our first Christmas at our new home, the carbon monoxide detector went off at a low level, alerting us to an issue with our attic furnace before anything tragic happened.

Today, I love this company even more. Our alarm in our hallway died two nights ago - it gave a voice warning error and the indication was to replace the unit. I wasn't really happy about this - no alternative? No, try this, try this, try this? But I accepted our fate and the $60 price tag a new alarm would cost. Lowes' didn't have it in stock, so I had to order it online. There was a $9.50 shipping charge, and you all know how much I HATE paying for shipping. I found some newer models with free shipping and wanted to know if they were compatible with my unit. So I called up First Alert just to ask this simple question (were the units compatible) and without hesitation, they took down my address and are sending us a brand new detector for free. I checked and they have a warranty (new ones look to be 7 years, ours I think is 5), because they took down the date on the back of my alarm, too. (Only 2.5 years old).

So, shout out to First Alert for saving me $60!!! Sometimes, good things can happen when you call customer support :)

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