Salt Dough Ornaments

I spotted some beautiful footprint ornaments on Pinterest several months back, and knew immediately I wanted to make them as gifts for Austin's grandmoms and aunties.

I actually used this recipe (not the one on Pinterest) to make our ornaments. One batch makes approximately 5 ornaments.

A few weeks ago we set about making the ornaments on a Saturday. Brad helped me - he's the cook in our family, and I needed an extra set of hands when positioning Austin's feet. (We actually tried hand prints first, but he kept grabbing the dough so they weren't coming out nice).

The dough was mixed using our Kitchen Aid mixer. We used a bowl to form the round shape, and Brad trimmed around the edges with a butter knife. I used a pencil to make the hole for the ribbon to go through (BEFORE baking! This is important!).

Oh, and the recipe says you can bake them in the microwave. We tried this three times, and failed each time. The problem with the microwave is that the water in the dough tries to escape so fast that it makes the dough bubble up and the footprints turn out all wonky. It is much better to just bake them in the oven.

After they were done baking, Brad gave them three coats of spray paint, and two coats of a polyurethane spray.

I wrote Austin's name and the year on the back of the ornament. (Did this before the poly step).

Then I tied some pretty organza ribbon through the hole so they can be hung. Of course I made one for myself and put it right up on my Christmas tree:

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  1. I was actually going to do something similar on Saturday, to add to the gifts "from" Evangeline (aka framed prints of her 1 year pictures) but at this rate I'll be cleaning all day instead. :(

  2. I love love love mine! It's hanging on my mantel :-) Your picture of it on the tree is gorgeous, too!

  3. So sweet!
    Nice touch with the blue spray paint.

  4. My dough was very hard, do I need to put more water in it. I could barely see her footprint and I pressed pretty hard.

  5. Hmm, we didn't have that issue. Did you by any chance use bread flour and not all-purpose? I believe bread flour can be a little harder. Also regular table salt. Other than that I don't have any suggestions. There are a variety of recipes online (just google "salt dough ornaments") though and there are different ratios of flour to salt in each so you could try another one.

    Sorry, and good luck!

  6. I love these!! Look at those tiny toes... :D :tucks this idea away for the future:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Melissa! <3