Project Life: December 18 - December 24, 2011

I was behind a couple of days in doing last week's Project Life because of the Christmas holidays, but I finished it up last night.

This week I had plenty of photos to choose from since it was the week leading up to Christmas.

It's hard to see in the picture of the layout, but the bottom right corner is a picture of Austin with the tree reflecting in his eyes:

I just thought it was so pretty to see the lights twinkling as he looked at the tree, I had to capture it.

This week I used an insert for extra pictures of Christmas Eve. Here's the front:

And the back:

I made sure to include a screenshot of the reply Tweet from Ali Edwards about my One Little Word cover page. (Thanks to Mama Castner for the idea!)

Another week complete :)


  1. good lord, those CHEEKS.
    Such a great capture, that picture. (with the lights in his eyes!)

    I just love this book, can't wait to flip through it all when its finished!

  2. LOVE that you kept it simple and sweet. My spread for Christmas week is hanging over my head because I have SO many photos that arent even off the cards yet. Lots of stuffs and moments to include and I have this weird feeling that I dont want to miss anything. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Theresa - the good thing for me this year is that I'm still doing a first year scrapbook for my son, so a lot more of the Christmas pictures will end up there. I think in future years I'll do extra inserts for the Christmastime layouts. :)