PicFrame for iPhone/Mac

I wasn't quite ready to sleep last night, so I scrolled through the iPhone app store looking for some new photography apps, and found PicFrame. It costs 99 cents, but it's a great app for making photo collages. You can choose a bunch of different layouts, and adjust the frames, which you can't (as far as I know) do in Picasa. And it's a heck of a lot easier than making a collage in PSE.

You can adjust the roundness of the frames, the coloring, the width. You can even apply effects to individual photos in the collage.

I made the collage below (on my iPhone!) before going to bed in about 2 minutes. I loved the app so much I checked, and you can buy it from the Mac store too, for your MacBook. I went to add it this morning but turns out, I need to upgrade to Lion, so my MacBook is currently being updated. Yes, I did fork out the $29.99 to upgrade to Lion just so I could get this 99 cent app on my Mac. But seriously, folks, this is the perfect solution for me. I love making photo collages for this blog and my websites, and I've tried using the free version of Picnik, Picasa, Photoshop Elements built in collage maker, as well as getting some free storyboards from various sites like CoffeeShop. None have worked as easily for me as PicFrame.

This will be great when I can get back to posting my Disney trip photos from October. ;)

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