My Holiday Cards

I've put these under a cut, so if you expect to be receiving a card from me this year and you'd like to be surprised, don't read any further.

If you just want to check out my cards because you either don't know me or you can't wait until you get it in the mail, then please, read on :)

I found this idea on Pinterest and put my own spin on it.

I used a 2" circle punch for the picture and the middle part of the snowman, and then cut a 1.5" circle for the head. The scarf and hat were cut using my Slice Noel cartridge, and I did the arms freehand. The buttons were done with a regular hole punch.

And for the inside, just a happy little snowman stamp.

I just started these tonight, hoping to get them mailed out next week.


  1. Oooh, I love this! So the picture of the little guy! :-)

  2. Thank you so, so much for the beautiful card!! Ours are going out later today or tomorrow (yeah, we're a bit late this year...), but I guarantee they won't be this sweet. :)

    Merry Christmas again!!