My 2012 personal crafting “wish list”

I have, in my head, a million ideas. Between personal crafts and business related crafts, there isn’t enough time to do them all. So I’ve spent some time thinking about what I really want to accomplish next year during my personal crafting times, and how I’ll be going about it.

  • Project Life. I’ve set aside Sunday evenings to keep up. I intend to do Project Life for years to come.
  • One Little Word. I’ll be working on this once a month (starting in December with my title page), on Sundays after Project Life.  
  • December Daily. I didn’t have time this year to start one of these, but I fully intend to do one next year. I love Ali’s December Dailies. This will mean my December 2012 schedule will need to be adjusted to accommodate working on this each night.
  • Austin's First Year. I only have a couple months of this album done, but I fully intend to document his first year the traditional way. Once this is done, I will save traditional scrapbooking for mini albums and specific events. I may do traditional layouts from time to time and insert them into my Project Life albums. Traditional scrapbooking will be done on Monday nights during my personal crafting time until I’ve caught up and completed the album. I hope to have it done by the end of April, after Austin’s turned a year old.
  • House decorations. I’ve found lots of ideas on Pinterest that I really want to create and help make my home feel more…cozy. Our house seems so cold, so uninviting. It’s beautiful, but it needs to be more family oriented. One of my Monday nights each month will be for decorations.
  • Blog. I want to bring back Freebie Fridays. I love making free digital things to share with my readers. Since I do a lot of the digital stuff for my business, too, I’m going to mix these in with my two business crafting nights.
  • Photography. All that awesome time I plan to spend with Austin on the weekends will give me a lot of time to practice my photography. I’d like to use these to keep up with my photography blog. But I’m planning on only editing and posting photos after my scheduled activities are completed for the day. I don’t want to skip business crafting or organizing/cleaning so I can edit photos. The photos will be there when I have the time to address them. There’s no rush, and I need to learn that.
  • Everything else. Those ideas will happen when they happen. And if they don’t…I’m not going to stress about it. I want to enjoy my 2012. After all, that IS my One Little Word.

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