Memory Monday: Project Life - December 11 - December 17, 2011

I worked on this week's layout while watching the Survivor finale. Yay for being productive while spending three hours in front of the television.

Anyway, I'm rather proud of this one (apologies for the iPhone photos).

I found an idea online from Marcy Penner at Hello Forever to do a "highlights of the week" insert. I love this idea and plan to use it often!

I also inserted the number I pulled during my work Yankee Swap on Friday. I am LOVING having all my journal cards pre-designed and ready to just insert as I go. It makes things fall together so quick. It feels really good to be up-to-date with scrapbooking.

Since the iPhone photos came out so poorly, here are the photos I used in my layouts:

This weekend I spent some time downloading a bunch of free actions for PSE. I'm excited to learn how to use them over the next few weeks and start using them on my weekly photos.


  1. Austin was SO cute with his presents. He's gonna poop himself (probably quite literally) when he opens the awesome toys you got him!

  2. PS : I cannot get over the cuteness of that picture of Brad and Austin on the couch.
    I might seriously die from it!

  3. Fun pictures!

    How did Austin like unwrapping that present? :-)
    I remember Cameron's first Christmas he was really into the wrapping paper versus what was inside.
    I'm happy to report this year he's totally into what's inside the presents :-)

  4. Shannon - I know I love them cuddling up like that, too cute.

    Lindsay - you've got to see the other photos I took, I'll post at some point. He kept giving Shannon these "oooh!!!" looks, like he was amazed at what he was opening. Too funny.