Memory Monday: Project Life - December 1 - December 10, 2011

I am so excited, I finished my first Project Life layout using the Amber kit! 

A few things I've started or will start doing:

I opted not to continue putting Austin's daily daycare sheet in the album. This is for two reasons - I don't really like it interrupting my layout and I think with a year of them the album will get too thick.

I am going to use OhLife a little more efficiently now, and do my journaling in the daily emails. Then all I have to do at the end of the week is copy it down onto my cards. It will be so much easier to complete my weekly layouts this way. It has been difficult to come up with proper journaling going on only the few word blurbs that I've been putting into OhLife.

I took out one of each of the journaling cards and put them into some protectors in the back of my album so that I can see which ones I have at a glance. Having them all bunched together in the journal card boxes is difficult for me to figure out which ones I want to use in the layout.

With the exception of the above layout (which has 10 days), my layouts will run from Sunday to Saturday. This allows me to work on my Project Life on Sunday without it still being part of the same week.

I may, in the future, batch my photo printing and run them through Shutterfly or CVS. I am not really thrilled with the print quality of the photos through my printer. Not that they aren't decent prints, but they seem very faded to me and I can't figure out why. My ink levels are 3/4 full so it isn't a low ink issue. And I'm not printing on economy or anything like that. And I hear it actually works out to be cheaper to order prints because printer ink is so expensive. What I would do if I decided to batch them is still work on my layouts and instead of putting in the pictures, I'd put a sticky note with what picture belongs in what slot. Then I could order prints say, once a month, and just slide them in when I get them.


  1. Yay for your new Amber kit! It's so pretty. I love the colors. It's so cheerful. Some of the graphics on the journaling cards actually look like pretty snowflakes :-)

    Love the picture of Austin on his tummy. He is so happy!!!

    Did you make hand print ornaments? Love!

  2. It's kind of a secret, but yes, we actually ended up doing foot print ornaments - he kept grabbing the dough when we tried hand prints :)

    One thing I realized doing them though - you just have to bake them. The recipe I'd found said to plop them in the microwave but the dough bubbles up too much and it makes the print all wonky. We had to toss the first 3 we tried because of that.

  3. I love the color scheme of the pages. Its so happy and fun without distracting from the great pictures.

    That bathtub picture though, MMmmmph, so cute!

  4. He LOVES bathtime so much. When Brad puts him on the counter to get him undressed he totally goes nuts, all shrieky and kicking his feet laughing. He gets SO excited!

  5. OH MY GOD, these pictures! I love them!! This is such a great kit, too -- so vibrant and cheerful. :)

    I love the one on his tummy; he's like Superman. ;)