Iris Photo Suite iPhone app

I downloaded Iris Photo Suite awhile back, but only really used it to add dates to my Instagram photos when I was doing Project 365. Iris is pretty cool - it supports the use of layers and masks, has a wide range of filters that you can preview live and change the opacity of, as well as the usual cropping and basic adjustments.

I was fussing around today on my phone and decided to try out a few of the effects you can do with the photos. Here's a few of the results:

I think these are some pretty neat filters. They give my regular photo a bit of a pop! :) Which one is your favorite?

(BTW - the font was added using Picnik).


  1. These are great!
    Original one is my fave though!

  2. Cute! I like the sepia tone one out of the three altered ones best.

    Not sure if you've seen her site before, but Pioneer Woman has some neat articles on photography you may find interesting. I'm mostly there for her cooking site, which is very yummy but very fattening.