Food poisoning and another head start on 2012

I ended up with a nasty case of food poisoning this past weekend. It was pure hell. I’m not entirely sure what caused it, but I suspect the burger I had at Sonic. Maybe someone with a better idea of what causes food poisoning can guess.

Friday night, holiday party, had a bunch of foods including some lobster ravioli and salmon, turkey and sirloin. Had a few drinks. Saturday, felt the normal after drinking minor queasiness in my tummy, but it was very minor and nothing unusual. Ate leftover Chinese (General Gau’s chicken and rice) for lunch. Felt fine all afternoon until about dinner time when I started feeling very hungry. We went to Sonic for dinner and I had a burger and tater tots. Almost immediately after dinner I felt sick, and about an hour/hour and a half after dinner I first started throwing up. I spent all of Saturday night with my head (or behind) in the toilet. I actually burst blood vessels under my eyes. And the back end of it continued all day Sunday. I never felt like I had a flu or anything though – no fever, just sick to my stomach. I spent all of Sunday in bed and Monday on the couch. Slowly back to eating some bland foods now.

Anyway, this morning I decided to go ahead and start on my weight loss. I took weight and some measurements:

Weight: 171 (I actually lost about 3 pounds from the food poisoning).
Measurements: 44” hips, 37” waist, 25” thighs

My goal is 145 pounds. I have no size goal because I don’t want to get to where I can zip up a 6 with a muffin top and be happy because I can fit into a 6. I want to get to the goal weight and be whatever size that means I am, comfortably. (though it probably will be a 6, based off where I was at wedding weight). The measurements I took are merely for comparison, because, again, I have no size goal. Just a weight goal.

I am still sticking to “hardcore” on Jan 1st, because I need Brad to be doing this with me and he’s not ready until then, so we’re going to unfortunately be having some not super healthy meals until then (mac and cheese, wings, stuff like that), plus we have the holidays. So the plan for now is – exercise, exercise, exercise (good for my mental health too), watch what I eat and eat smaller portions. Seeing that I have little desire for anything greasy right now because of the food poisoning, I think this is doable.

I don’t want to fill up my blog with weight loss posts because there’s more to me than this, so I’ll plan to check in once a week on progress. :) And maybe if I hit a nice milestone or something along the way I’ll post then, too. :)

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