Clear Stamp Storage

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may have seen how I previously was storing my clear stamps. I decided after awhile I didn't really like the clear cases, so I stopped putting new sets into them until I figured out a new solution.

After some searching around last week, I found this new solution, and (at least for now) I am really happy with the outcome.

Here is my tutorial:

I have a bunch of clear cellophane bags with resealable flaps that I ordered for my greeting cards, and I wanted to store the stamps in those bags. So the first thing I did was cut a bunch of white card stock in the size of my bags (in this case, 4"x6"). I then took the clear sheet that has the stamp images and attached it to the cards. (The one below had previously been cut for my cd cases and I had to cut a little more to make them fit all on one card - some of the stamp sets I didn't need to cut up to fit).

Then I laminated the card using my Xyron 5" Creative Station.

Now that the sheet was laminated, I could stick the clear stamps to the back.

Then, I laminated another sheet of card stock (writing the name of the stamp set on it) and stuck it over the stamps, forming a sandwich of laminated card stock with the stamps in between, which allowed them to slide into my clear bags easily. Here's a finished set:

In some cases, I had sets that fit nicely into a bag - either the size noted above, or a slightly wider bag that I also had. I didn't have to cut those sets or laminate a front sheet, because I could just slide the set into the bag with the sheets the set came with:

Initially I'd stored them in two of the cd case boxes:

But then I wanted to be able to make dividers to sort the types of sets, and so I finally settled on using a photo box that I picked up years ago at Michaels (they still sell these).

I sorted the sets by type and cut some chip board as dividers. Here's the final result:

I really like storing my clear stamps this way (again, at least for now!).


  1. This is genius! I have to do this to sort out my manic box of stamps...I'm Pinning this so I don't forget about it

  2. great system! thanks for sharing this. The pictures really help, too!

  3. I'm pretty sure I organize and reorganize way more than I actually craft. I have gone thru so many different ways to organize my stamps (I swore I'd never get into stamping HA yeah....right) I did the clip it up, the dvd case, the cd case, drawers... finally I asked some of the vendors I bought stamps from (Peachy Keen, Jaded Blossom, etc) if I could buy the packaging and just put the stamps back in the original packs. Of course that was 6 months ago and now I'm ready AGAIN for a different method (dramatic eye roll) Anyway - just found your blog and have been hanging out for the last 2 hours - loads of fun thank you!

  4. What a great simple but so fantastic. I'm inspired!!

  5. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one that goes through the repeated 'trying to organize' phases. LOL

  6. I have mine stored somewhat like yours but I just made a copy of each one on a 8 1/2 paper (whatever you prefer) I use cheap cardstock. I put a number on my cardstock copy and a number on the matching stamp set. I store these sheets in a notebook. Whenever I am look for something I just flip through my book and decide which one I want and just go get that number. I do my embossing folders the same was except I use Anna Griffin boxes for storage which come with a hard plastic item to put them into. Of course the Anna Griffin boxes are not cheap but they look good.

    1. I like your idea of doing the copy on the sheet of paper. This post here is realllllly old, I've since updated my storage method a bit. I had been keeping an electronic catalog of my stamp sets on Evernote but I fell way behind with that. I might have to do what you did and make the copy of the stamps and just put it in a notebook. I need to get them organized!